Volunteers Guide

Dibs is SportsEngine's volunteer scheduling tool.

Using Dibs you can list volunteer spots, called items, for your members to claim on your website. Volunteer items are organized by session, such as a season or event, and category, such as concessions or coaching.

Dibs is located on the page labeled 'Dibs' of your website. If you don't have Dibs and would like to use its features, please contact your account manager or our sales team

If you would like to track the volunteer contribution of individual members, you can do so by assigning a number of credits to each volunteer item. For example, you might assign 3 credits for the item of helping out at a tournament check-in table. Over time, your members will accumulate volunteer credits.

Pro Tip: Use volunteer credits to track individual members' volunteer contribution

You can attach a Smart Group to a Dibs session to restrict which members can see and claim items within the session. You can also send out messages directly to members attached to a Dibs session from the Dibs page.

Once a volunteer item is created, your members can view listed items and claim them on the Dibs page of your website. After a volunteer completes the item you can mark the item as completed, which will grant the volunteer any credits assigned to the item.

Get Started with Dibs

Step 1: Create Dibs Categories
Step 2: Create a new Dibs Session
Step 3: Import or manually add volunteer Items
Step 4: Attach a Smart Group to the session
Step 5: Members claim volunteer items
Step 6: Volunteer completes the volunteer item
Step 7: Mark the item as completed

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