Create A New Season or Subseason on a Team Page

Before you can start rostering players, creating games or communicating with your team, you need to create a season to contain the athletes and players.

A season and sub-season allows you to manage the following features of a team:

Create a New Season from a Team Page:

Step 1: Log in and navigate to a Team Page on your site
Step 2: Toggle on Edit Mode
Step 3: Select Admin from the menu located under the page title
Step 4: Select Season from the dropdown menu

Step 5: Click Create New Season
Step 6: Add a Season Name. This is usually just the year of the season.
Step 7: Set the Subseason Name. This is usually the specific part of the season such as 'Regular Season'. Subseasons share the same roster list.
Step 8: Adjust other settings and click Create Season
Step 9: Once you are ready to make the team available on the website, in TeamCenter and in the mobile application, activate the subseason by selecting Current Subseason. A team can only have one current subseason at a time however, you can build out a future subseason while your current season is active

Important! A season will not appear for members on the mobile app or website until it is selected as the Current Subseason

New Season and Subseason Settings

Show Shared Schedule: Show games and events published to your team from other sites in this season
Generate Game ID's: Game IDs help you label games to reference them later. You can autogenerate game IDs or manually create them.
Enable Game Type: Allows you to add a game type to games within the season (ex. exhibition match)
Enable Group Name: Allows you to add a group name to games within the season (ex. group A)

Create New Subseason from a Team Page

In some instances you will want to create more than one sub-season. Outside of the Regular Season, these are typically a pre-season scrimmages or play-offs sub-season.

Step 1: Log in and navigate to a Team Page on your site
Step 2: Toggle on Edit Mode
Step 3: Select Admin from the menu located under the page title
Step 4: Select Season from the dropdown menu
Step 5: Select New Subseason from within an existing season's box
Step 6: Add a Subseason Name and click Create Subseason

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