Guide to Build a Non-Monetary Registration

A non-monetary registration is a collection of questions that an organization needs to ask a registrant to retrieve that information from them, but isn't collecting fees or payments. Although any type of questionnaire can be built using the create a registration feature, the common uses are Coach, Volunteer, Free Clinic, Free Camp, and Survey registrations.

Permission: In order to have access to build a Non-Monetary Registration you need to have access to ALL Registrations, Admin Control Panel, or Webmaster Permissions for your website.

If you would like to build Monetary Registrations (Collects Funds) contact your account owner.

Important: When editing a question DO NOT replace a new question option with an old an old question option. Everyone that registered for the option that was previously there will now show the new option that was replaced. If you no longer need an option, disable that option and add a new option, so all registration data will stay in place.

Note: If you're copying a USA Hockey Registration you will need to email to update the USA Hockey Registration is accepting.

Create a New Registration:

Step 1: Log-in> Admin Control Panel> Registration Tab> Create New Registration
Step 2: Select 'I want to create a Registration myself that does not collect payments.'
Step 3: Title the Registration Session. (Include Year & Season)
Step 4: CLICK HERE to learn more about Registration Settings.

Note: It's much easier to COPY an already built registration. If you already have a Non-Monetary CLICK HERE to learn how to copy it. If you want to copy a Monetary Registration contact your account owner. If you copy the session, skip to step 10.

Step 5: Read the Instructions on how to build a Registration on the Welcome Page. Make sure you're in Edit Mode to edit the Registration Session.
Step 6: Add Questions, Page Elements, and Layout Containers to the first form. Navigate to this form using the links on the left. Note: If you would like certain options or questions or pages to only show up if a previous option(s) are selected please review Conditional Logic.
Step 7: Add additional forms and questions as necessary. The Add Form button is on the left. If you would like to adjust the Page Options you can do so on any page.

Step 8: Modify the Receipt page by filling in contact information and adding other page elements as desired.
Note: Questions can't be placed on the welcome/receipt pages of registrations.
Step 9: Modify the Welcome page by filling in contact information and adding other page elements as desired. Make sure to delete the admin instructions on the welcome page, as these are meant for a help guide while building. Questions can't be placed on the welcome/receipt pages of registrations.

Step 10: Review the Registration by switching into Review mode in the upper right to see what it will look like in action.
Step 11: Enable the Registration via the Edit Registration button in the upper left. Your Registration is now live!
Step 12: Test the Registration Session
Step 13: Post the Registration Link
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